If you are interested in auditioning for the new Chamber Singers (7th and 8th grade ONLY), here is what you need to know:

Submit your audition via unlisted YouTube video link sent to my email address ( You will need to sing a major, minor, and chromatic scale starting on D4 (one step above middle C) and sing a verse to chorus of a song of your choosing. On the first rehearsal, we will do a sight-reading example to confirm your acceptance into the ensemble.

We will start meeting every Tuesday morning at 8AM on September 24th. Audition videos are due Friday, September 6th. Audition results will be posted Tuesday, September 17th.

Upcoming Dates!!!

This is an updated list of dates for the Fall semester. These are set and should not be changing (if they do, you will be informed!). These do NOT include Musical Dates!



-22nd-Sept. 5th- Cookie Dough Fundraiser!


-6th- 8TH GRADE ONLY*** National Anthem @ Sprayberry 5:30pm 

-13th- Disney commitment due 

-17th- DMS Open House! 6-8pm

-20th- 6TH GRADE ONLY*** Polo shirt payment due 


-7th- 7/8 grade Fall Concert! 


-9th- Allstate Chorus Audition #1 (7th & 8th grade)

-13th-22nd- Chorus Hoodie Fundraiser 

-19th- District Honor Chorus (7th& 8th grade)


-***possible 6th grade singing at Christmas at Piedmont!

-10th- 8th grade Winter Concert featuring the DMS Chamber Singers! 

-17th- 6/7 grade Winter Concert 


Choral Uniforms!

It is the Monday before last payments for uniforms are due. The entire uniform is $60 (7th grade ladies have a floor length dress, boys have a shirt, pants, and bowtie). If 8th graders need to purchase new, it is the same pricing.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Ms. Trotta.


We have been invited to sing the National Anthem with the Sprayberry High School Chorus at their Homecoming game! Festivities start in the chorus room at 5:30pm. Pizza is provided. We will have a little rehearsal with their chorus then showtime! Students will get into the game for free. Families will need to purchase tickets. After they sing, students can stay for the game or leave; you are not required to stay.

Any questions, you can contact Ms. Trotta.

Welcome to the Daniell Chorus!

As we start the 2019-2020 school year, I am excited to get to see all of you! We have lots of awesome things happening this year. From a Sprayberry football game to Allstate Chorus, we will have our hands full!

We do have house-keeping to attend to. As we all know, we have adopted a new mascot! And with him, we have new classroom expectations.

Show Positive Leadership– How we show this in the choral classroom would be to help a friend out who is struggling learning the music.

Work Hard– How we show this in the choral classroom would be to never settle on learning just the notes and rhythms. Go beyond whats in the score.

Accept Accountability– When you mess up, fess up. It is better to mess up loudly than hide it and not learn the correct way.

Respect Others– A way to show this in the choral classroom would be to listen to Ms. Trotta while she is giving directions. It is also respectful to listen to your peers while they are asking a question.

Make Good Choices– How we show this in the choral classroom would be entering the choral room quietly and grabbing the materials listed on the board that you will need in class.